Saturday, April 18, 2009

The publisher

So, last night I met Date 9 at Capital Grille. He arrived about 30 seconds ahead of me. Nice looking guy. Funny. Interesting. He is 53 or so. Two boys from first of two marriages (23 and 21). He owns a publishing company of coffee table books. When we spoke earlier in the week, I mentioned that I was interested in interior design since I am working on my house. He brought a book as a gift for me!! How nice is that?

We shared appetizers. It was really fun. He's order something, we'd share and then move on to the next course, ending with filet, so, yes, I did get my steak!

He is the 2nd of 4 kids. Born in Ohio, moved to California as a teenager. We chatted comfortably all evening. It was fun because we spoke a little about what he does and what I do and that a lot of it is similar. Who ever thought I'd be able to talk on a date about the gilding on the edge of the pages of the book and the double nesting that was required for the 800 page book to be side stitched properly. (Such sexy talk, I know.)

** Side note: He went to pay for dinner and realized he didn't have his wallet. YIKES. He went out to the car to look for it. He must have spoken with the manager coming back in because I offered to pay and he said he had taken care of it. Very classy.

All in all, it was a lovely date, and I'm pretty sure he'll call to ask me out again.

Ironically, thinking about my schedule in the next two weeks, next Sunday I have a party to attend, and I bet he would be fun to have go with me. Date 8 I don't think I would want to have go. I may have to think about that some more to think of why that is.

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  1. My brother (oldest in the fam) is 10 years older than I am, so I always used that as my marker of comfort. But since I seem to have met guys past that recently, I just look at them and wonder if they are cute enough to kiss, am I attracted to them. If the answer is yes, screw it. Know what I mean?