Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bloomin' yard

Many of you may remember my beginning days at the current abode. Sure the yard actually had grass back then, and it looks a little worse for wear, but that is not the point. This past fall my dear friend Helen helped me fix my front flower bed. I've been worried most of the winter about the roses that I actually thought would never bloom just to piss me off.Please to enjoy the fruits of my labors . . . As a side note, I think I may be growing a fine set of weeds too, but I'm just not certain. In the back, I recently planted a 100 freaking gladiolas... I knew there was a chance the hellion and her companion (well, mostly her companion) would be working against me. Yeah, they did. Please note the fabulous hole that Buddy dug in the middle of the bulb bed. And, what is really impressive to me, is they look so slovenly hanging out in the house. You would never imagine that they are creatures of destruction.

1 comment:

  1. Your house is DARLING!!!

    And yeah, I don't know why you say those horrible, mean things about your obviously innocent pooches. :)