Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Changes are afoot . . .

There are several areas of my house still in desperate need of attention. The front "study" had a black leather sofa that a friend loaned me that has actually worked its way to the yearbook room. Its removal then left very little in the study.

Unable to take it any longer, I went out a purchased a chair a while ago. A nice big chair with room for two so that Buddy can snuggle up with me without feeling a need to destroy my kidneys as he leaps onto the chair. Please note the matching ottoman which is perfect for Sabrina to curl up on. I totally forgot the pillow that goes with it is maroon and matches the curtains. So, when I got it home I was delightfully surprised and even more pleased than I was in the store. How perfect I say.

The master bedroom is another area of distress for me. I finally decided on chocolate brown and light blue, hoping to give it a diva feel with a chandelier. The walls still need to be painted blue, doors etc. Please note the "fun" fur on the bed that helps to hide the not fun fur of the dogs that is EVERYWHERE. This summer should be a time of painting and finishing up these two rooms. I got a close up of the chandelier too so that you could fully appreciate the glam.

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