Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#2 with #8

8 and I started emailing this afternoon (I was looking for entertainment during the drudgery of inservice.) Actually, the inservice was fine, but it was drudgery by definition because it was inservice. At any rate, at some point he asked me out for tonight. I queried for verification that he didn't want to move the date from Thursday but wanted an additional date. In fact, he did.

We met at the Capital Pub at 6:30pm. Finished after 10. Talked the whole time. Side note, this afternoon I tried to look up some questions for getting to know people, etc etc., you know, just to help come up with interesting stuff to talk about. It's embarrassing because I'm a big freaking geek, but guess what . . . he did the same damn thing!

So, we asked each other lots of questions and got to know each other a little bit better. His favorite color is red. He loves Star Wars movies. The best gift he got was his camaro from his parents when he was a teenager. (Why, yes, I did get a camaro when I was in high school.)

He was really sweet about assisting me in remembering that I didn't need more than 2 drinks. He wasn't rude or overpowering or anything, just nice about it. Hard to explain, but sweet nevertheless.

It is a little strange because he was married for a really long time and he has two kids, and he has lived a very different life than what I lived. There are a lot of things that we very definitely don't have in common.

At any rate, another lovely evening. . . we have a 3rd date tomorrow evening. He has potential. Real potential.

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