Monday, April 6, 2009

Date #8 and our little friend Mr. Opportunity

Not the first one, or the second, but the third one. March turned out to be a long dry month for me. I missed a couple of opportunities, stood up by one guy (total loser, but did still suck), spoke to another and realized immediately that he was a no go. So, admittedly the identity of date 8 has changed several times as opportunities have arisen and crashed and burned.

So, spoke to 8 for maybe ten minutes on Saturday and made plans for coffee Sunday afternoon. Coffee got canceled because we both had stuff running over, so we pushed our meeting time back to 5pm last night and a quick dinner. It wasn't the best because I'd been in Plano all afternoon and the dogs would have to be fed, but I figured what the heck, I could have blown him off but then I might not get another opportunity any time soon because I'm pretty damn busy right now. We met at a pub in old Plano that I'd been to before with friends. I admit, I didn't really think that it would work out for various reasons, but what the heck, at least I could say that I made the effort.

So, 8 is a great guy. We talked for ages. In fact, I called my neighbors to see if they could feed the hellion and her companion so that I could stay and talk a little longer. Unfortunately, I also took the opportunity to drink 4 cosmos. Trust me, I paid dearly for that mistake, especially since earlier in the day Buddy took the opportunity to pee on my bed. I have NO idea of why he did that. (Maybe my handy man scared him? Don't know.) So, by the time I got home at 10:30 at night, I had no clean sheets, comforter, duvet etc. I slept with a blanket wrapped around me and no sheets on the bed. Oh, and I woke with a delightful little reminder of the previous evenings indiscretions that required several advil.

Tonight I have bookclub, so I will not have the opportunity to go to the laundrymat and clean the comforter which is too big for the washing machine. In addition, I have to buy a new mattress pad because the old one didn't come clean, and I'm just not sleeping on pee. Girls gotta have her standards, these are mine.

Back to the boy. He's an only child, nice looking, parents live in Plano, he works in Plano, divorced, two kids, easy going and a pretty good kisser. Yup. That sums up what I learned last night. Ok, well, more later.

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