Friday, November 30, 2012

I need to date James Bond

I saw Skyfall last weekend. And, oh my, but that James Bond is delicious. I really want a piece of that pie, but I digress....

I have decided that I need to date a James Bondesque kind of guy. He’s really the perfect man for me.

Good looking, but not insanely handsome. I’ll admit it, I like a pretty face. If a relationship is going to last, I need a face I delight in seeing.

I’d like the guy I date to be taller than me (even when I wear heels), but I realize too much height might be wasted. So a 5’10 man is plenty tall for a girl that stands at 5’4. (That would be the Daniel Craig James Bond, the others were admittedly taller.) Taller is ok, shorter really isn’t.

Knows how to wear a suit and looks good doing it, yeah, I’ll take that.  Looks great in swimming trunks. Looks great naked ; ) Um, yes, please.

Who wouldn’t want a guy that knows how to handle himself and knows how to handle a gun (this is Texas after all.) I bet he can fix shit too. That is sure to be useful. 

The man likes his vodka. Yes, I prefer a Cosmo, but how sweet is the martini, cosmo love connection? 

He also doesn't mind spending money. I like that in a man, and near as I can tell, James Bond is paid very well by her majesty. He probably wouldn't even notice my propensity to spend too much money. Perhaps he even has someone to do the accounting for him. Even better.
Never married. The more I date, the more I think I’d rather have them never married.  I’d like a man with no weird ex-wife baggage and no weird kids baggage. And n weird I just got divorced baggage.

I’m not objecting completely to the baggage issue. I know we all have baggage of some sort by this time, but I’d like the baggage to be leather and nice looking rather than a bunch of plastic bags of trash, if you know what I mean.

That James Bond. He’s not desperate to get married, not even close. So if it turns out I REALLY DO have commitment issues there will be no pressure there. And he’s very independent, so I don’t have to worry about him being clingy. What’s not to like?

And THAT is why I need to date James Bond...or someone very much like him!!

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