Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Playing with Fonts

Some how through all of the shenanigans of learning HTML code for the website and learning all this other crap for indesign interactive documents and epubs...I've started playing with fonts.

So a nice font different from the usual could go here (ribeye in this case) and the fact I can't get all of my fonts to work properly... that only makes me a little crazy.

Sadly, I can't get the rest of my cool new fonts to work. So I'll have to deal with it later. It's Later. haha. Near as I can tell I need to use one word fonts for it to work.For instance, Kristi a lovely script.

Condiment is a casual font, almost like a hand writing.

Unkempt is a nice clean font, and it has a bold option. I need to remember that it will really slow down load time of the blog though. Hmmm.

Pompiere is a lean tight font.

Combo is narrow. I like how different fonts give our words different feelings.

Schoolbell is a fun name. If I can match the right font with the right words, think about how much more impact the words can have.

Redressed seems like a good font.

Sevillana is a very scripty font.

Ranchers is a nice thick font.

Montserrat has a regular and bold option too.

Alice is a basic serif font, but different from the usual fonts on blogger.

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