Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm making plans to take over the world.

Alright, not exactly. I've been at a Journalism Convention for 3 days. Some of the sessions have been terrible, some ok, a couple have been GREAT.

Currently I'm the yearbook adviser trying to keep the newspaper adviser and her staff from destroying the Iphone app and website part of the program. I'm here with the video tech teacher who would be willing to do things, but she has kids that look down on broadcast (they are making films. Not really. They talk about it, but they don't actually produce much, but they have attitudes.I'll tell you that much.)

I went to a session about merging the programs. They took the newspaper and turned it into a news magazine. (Quite frankly, I think it will be much better received and a great way to improve coverage.) The newspaper and yearbook classes are actually taught as Media. I LOVE that. It is what is going on in the real world, it would better prepare these kids for college. It would make our programs better.

I sent a note to the principal's secretary requesting a meeting. Told her it wouldn't take 30 minutes, I just was planning to take over the world and thought I should give him a heads up. Mooohhhhaaaaaaa

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  1. The media class does sound like a great idea!