Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall JEA Convention

Traveling with 12 kids, Blondie and I arrived in San Antonio yesterday afternoon.

Today is a day of workshops as is tomorrow. The kids are doing a good job of splitting up and taking notes so as to get maximum benefit from our time here. I'm doing a great job of well, fiddle farting around.

I did go to an indesign session that wasn't really well organized and was all over the place. He was a presenter that could use some ADD meds if you ask me.

 Blondie and I have gotten some work done trying to set up our new asset management system that we hope to use to keep track of the all of the equipment for which we are responsible. We've had it on the library system, but they got fitty and threw us off. So, we are setting up new.

There aren't sessions in the late afternoon, so my kids have gone to the mall for a bit. Hopefully they won't find themselves trouble...just a bit of entertainment. In the meantime, I still have 8 million questions trying to figure out how to do these massive projects I've taken on utilizing Indesign and the magic it holds ; )

 I also checked in on the dogs. Gracie was sleeping in the Zen Den with all of the old dogs. And Buddy, well once again, Buddy was in time out. This time, he DID start the fight, so hopefully he won't be booted completely for being a bad seed. A little time out never hurt anyone...

 Back on Sunday to the regularly scheduled chaos. hahahaha

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