Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Netti Pot

I  have a Netti Pot. I loath the Netti Pot. For one thing, after using it in the morning, if I bend over at any point during the day, salt water runs out my nose. Not attractive. For another, I'm just never all that certain that it really works. I'm just pouring salt water up my nose for no good reason.

All that to say,  I don't use it regularly. I use it when I'm sick, and I'm trying to get well. I've been sick since last Sunday. I mean sick. I've been taking everything I can get my hands on. That includes using the netti pot.  This morning I used it. For about 15 minutes. For about 15 of the most disgusting minutes ever. My nasal cavaties are a cesspool of infection. It was unbelievable. I should have taken photos.

I'll be going to Minute clinic this afternoon for antibiotics.

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