Monday, December 3, 2012

Pet Adoptions 101

So this past week was a bit of a beating. I'm just going to focus on the pet adoption portion of the week. I'll have to catch you up on the rest later.

First, the whole thing was a little loosey goosey. Teenage girls aren't quite clear on  a lot of topics, and I have to say the officers in this organization get good grades, but there are a couple that are just going to have to marry well if they are going to survive in the world.

I was doing everything I could to get the word out. As it turns out when you announce you are having a pet adoption it means everyone wants you to take their pets too. Go figure. So I had a message midweek from a friend that had found a dog and was trying to find a home for him, but had not been able to do so. So, I said bring him down.

In the meantime, on facebook I find out about another dog. Totally tragic. 3 legged over weight beagle (didn't realize the overweight part until I saw her) her companion dog had died and her own died of cancer last week. The owners son was going to put her down ????? (Find out Saturday owner's son is married to a vet. Are you kidding me? Nice way to remember your mom...killing her dog.)

I was trying to get him to come down so she could be at the adoption. Of course he shows at 12:30 after the whole damn thing is over.

In the meantime, as we were setting up I told the girls to get a water cooler for the water they brought from the gym. Next thing I see they have a cooler for dispensing water. Ok, fine. Empty the water out and then fill it with the bottles. I turn around and they are opening the bottles of water and pouring them into the cooler. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? I almost lost it. Who am I kidding. I did lose it. I could not believe that they thought that was a good idea. OR even better that they think I'm such a dumbass I would think that was a good idea.

So, end of the adoption event, I am loading two dogs into my car. Big Dogs. I take them to the house. I get them out of the car. Buddy and Gracie lose their shit. Rowdy and Dixie RUN. I catch Rowdy almost immediately. Dixie...well, let's just say for a fat 3 legged dog, she is stunningly fast. I'm barefoot. (Long story, don't ask) chasing her madly. Car stops. Opens door. Dixie wiggles her fat butt in. I try to get her out. Thank the Lord, the passenger says can I carry her somewhere? Why, yes, yes you can. So we go back to my house where I put them both in the car.

I go inside. Set up the kennels that I have. I can't even remember what happened next, but it was mostly mad chaos. So I get Rowdy outside. Lock the glass door. Buddy in a kennel, Dixie in a kennel.

I go to the pet store. Guy is totally nice to me, helps me get 2 kennels and checks me out. Others are pissed. I'm seconds from crying. I get home. Get them set up and toss all dogs into kennels. Deep Breath. Now I start cleaning the kitchen floor. (Gracie, my precious darling, still likes to randomly pee in the kitchen.

So, most of Saturday is spent with me trying to keep Buddy and Gracie from attacking the other two. Poor Rowdy got bit at some point and I realized it when I saw blood drops all over the kitchen. Stop to perform medical care. Clean floors again.

Everyone got a Benadryl. I put them all in kennels for bedtime. I slept alone for the first time in a very long time. It was nice.

Sunday I fed them one at a time, walked them one at a time and continued to watch for bad behavior. I cannot have 4 dogs. Poor Rowdy is so sweet and submissive. I feel like he is getting scarred by being with Buddy, literally and figuratively. Dixie thinks I'm trying to kill her through starvation (seriously, she looks so sad when she gets her food. that's it????)

My nerves are totally shot right now. I have Dixie and Rowdy in kennels for their own protection, and someone coming to let them out at lunch.

I did not mean to become the crazy dog lady.

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