Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two days in . . .

First, I must apologize for any and all dilinquencies in my posts. Now that I am back in the USA I am having to pirate my internet access. Not always as successfully as I'd like.

I had an eye dr appt Monday morning, this morning and ANOTHER one tomorrow morning. I had bacteria under my "flap" from the eye surgery. So Monday it was cleaned up, today it was checked and, hopefully, tomorrow the contact protecting the eye while it reseals itself will be taken out. It doesn't sound particularly pleasant but mostly, it is only mildly annoying.

Convocation was the usual we love kids, we love our jobs, yippee freakin skippy. I was late because of the doctors appt, but I found a seat next to Lisa and Jeff (they both taught English I Pre-AP with me last year.)

After lunch, we got to enjoy an hour long presentation on various types of pharmaceuticals legal and illegal. Do we know how to have a good time or what?

The last hour and a half of the day we had to spend going through 3 sessions. After the first two, I had to make Kent stick with me. No question asking good boy. Trust me on this. Low profile. Unless, of course, you are wildly amusing, and then comic asides are permitted.

The good news is that in one of the sessions someone mentioned I'm acutally getting paid to be his mentor. whoopee. Mama's buying a new pair of shoes.

Today was curriculum day. I have to confess I was determined to get a slurpee before school. On my way to school, I passed a house with a huge butterfly over the front door. There is a metal ne by the window on the left too.

Since the English department chair resigned, the dept is left without a department chair. Some might ask, why not choose a new dept chair. Sadly, the English department has had some troubles in the past. So, we are choosing to think of this as an opportunity for the English department to really come together as a team and raise the level of collegiality both within the department and with others. . . or is it congeniality? Probably both. What the heck.

I spent the afternoon working with Heather and Scoobydoo on Journalism stuff. (That's right, the boy has a nickname.) There is potential for some interesting stories. Bless his heart, he's gonna have to stay on his toes to stay ahead of these kids.

Another day, another beating. Stay tuned for the next update.

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