Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Going to a Festival Tonight

Last night I took no sleep aid, turns out that tylenol pm is pretty potent stuff, cause without it I woke up at about 4am again. I think it is stronger than perscription stuff I have!

I might have forgotten to mention that Brock is going to classes all this week 9am-12. They are taught by Mrs. Tanaka. He's learning all sorts of stuff without even knowing it. Yesterday he made Japanese pizza with mayonnaise. (Doesn't sound particularly good to me, but he raved about it.) He's learning oragamy each day, and a couple of other things.

MaryBeth's neighbor Janet came by. She said she might start a blog to commemorate their final year in Misawa. I mentioned how great it is because you forget to tell people about all of the weird and unusual. Janet agreed since I write so much on this one, obviously MB has been leaving details out when she talks to me. Seriously, how could MB have not told me about the Love Hotels??

I think that has to be one of the good things about Misawa, they form a tight community and the whole base has a very small town feel. That's good until someone gets into a love triangle then this place becomes Peyton Place. ; )

Right now, MB is searching the internet for guidance on caring for the stupid beatles. Some people might thing Mike would be in charge of them since he thought it was a good idea to get them. But no, it's left to MB. Seems wrong some how.

Ok, we did go to a festival, but no update until tomorrow. I'm much too tired.

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