Sunday, August 6, 2006

Last Day in Misawa

Because we got in so late from the Festival, we missed church this morning. We did get up in time for the buffet at the officer's club. Very yummy.

Upon our return Grace went out back to play in the blow-up pool with friends. It was located conveniently near a shade tree so we all sat outside praying for a breeze or two as we watched. Most of the afternoon was spent in this fashion. Grace and Connie had a great time. The best part was when they looked up at us (sweating mind you) to tell us they were freezing. Hmm, maybe we should tryout that pool . . .

While the girls swam, Brock and Mike pitched the football back and forth to each other. Brock is a sports fanatic. Lots of ESPN in this house!

Eventually MaryBeth and I galvenized ourselves into action enough to go to the train station and make sure I have a reserved seat on the train. It's important to have a reserved seat because on the off chance the train is full there is chance a person couldend up on the not reserved smoking car. cough, cough, cough. Then we went by the BX to buy a book for me to read on the trip home and some snack food.

On one trip to the BX I happen to see a hair barrette I like. I put it down and say, maybe next visit. MB explains that if there is something at the BX you like, you must grab it immediately even if you aren't certain because if you even take a turn around the BX, it is possible the item in question will be gone by the time you get back. (The description seemed strikingly similiar to that of vultures circling.) The irony of this is that she has her eye on a beach chair. She loves this beach chair. It costs $25.00. I haven't priced beach chairs lately, so I don't know if that is a reasonable price or not. I do know there are 8 at the BX. I know every time we went to the BX we did a drive by on the beach chairs. This time MB did an actual test run. I think she now has a problem. She has held out so long for the magic sale (this, she says, is what everyone is doing -- you should hear her describe the winter coat sale) that she can't possibly buy it now, but look how perfectly happy she looks in the chair. She's going to be so unhappy if she doesn't get one! However on the other hand, the girl doesn't tan at all ever, so she's likely to get the same quality tan in the BX or on the beach . . .

While in the BX I had to take a photo of the Bonsai pruning kit for $350.00. This place can barely manage to carry the essentials, but by golly any military personnel with a keen interest in Bonsai horticulture is set.

Back at the house, Brock had taken over the pool with one of his friends as Mike enjoyed the shade and the breeze.

I am on the 11:30 train to Tokyo, so I have packed up and I'm ready to go. Look out cellular world, I'm coming back.

Quick Monday morning note. I'm all packed except for the laptop . . . hmmm. This may be a problem. Brock is trying out for a part in Jack and the Beanstalk this morning. After that I head off.

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