Sunday, August 13, 2006

I even went to work on Saturday!

I was determined to get my office clean if nothing else, so off I went bright and early. I turned the radio up and set about cleaning. Admittedly, part of my cleaning technique includes moving things out of my office and into the classroom, but atleast that way it's my editor's problem. hahahaha.

I finished a little before noon and headed over to my friend Ann's place. She and Mike are living in an apartment after selling their house in UP. They are having a house built just west of University Park (still close, but taxes are not so horrifying). She made chicken salad (really yummy), and we hung out. Eventually hanging out took us by SteinMart and Target before returning to her place.

I know it has to be weird to live in an apartment after a lifetime in a house. I'm trying to pysche myself up for the transition. We did make plans to utilize some of my 3 hour break in the middle of the way to get exercise.

I'm hoping to run with Roseanne at least one day a week, swim with Ann after school one or two days a week. I'm going to be fit if it kills me.

Fran had a party yesterday. She's such a silly goose. She had pre-party jitters (well, as jittery as Fran gets, she's kind of a relaxed gal.) I talked to her today and, of course, the party was a smashing success. She updated her blog with pictures of the yard. Jim installed tile in the sun room and a stone step down area to the pond. It is amazing looking. He rocks.

Jon-David and I went to see World Trade Center. It's a three tissue movie. Now I want to see United 93. Sad movies are very draining. Of course, so is thinking of going back to school tomorrow. Very draining. That's all I've got.

I'm afraid now that I am back in big D the truth once again reveals itself: my life is not quite as diva like as I might hope. I'm sure I will have much to say after tomorrow, although I might have to write some of it in code. Or in the age old southern fashion, make sure I sound charmed by the idiocy and crapola of school life. Throw in a bless his/her heart everyone once in a while and I'll be golden.

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