Thursday, August 10, 2006

First post back in Dallas

It's Thursday, and I'm finally getting around to blogging.

I got in Tuesday morning. I slept maybe an hour on the plane. As soon as I got on it I started getting congested. Probably within an hour I was totally unable to breath. Unable to sleep I was able to watch Mission Impossible 3 (not that great) and Over the Hedge (side splitting funny). I was walking out of the terminal watching Mom and Dad walk in. Hollaring Mom and Dad, Pete, Mona. They never looked up. Sigh. So I chased them back in the terminal. Sadly because I've done such a damn good job with the blog (practically up to the last minute) there wasn't a lot of new info for me to add.

They dropped me off at their house then headed off to get a rental car for mom because her car still wasn't back from being fixed. Jon-David came by and picked me to take me down to school to see if I could get anything done with my schedule. (How sweet is that??) It was a very good thing since at about 3pm I looked over at him and said I had to go to bed immediately. We would have to postpone our date. So, he dutifully took me home where I fell asleep about 30 seconds before my head hit the pillow.

Long and short of the wasted exercise regarding my schedule is that nothing changed. I have 3rd, 4th and 5th off in the middle of the day, and I have English I 8th period. This is the part where I might feel an urge to write about members of the high school staff. Later it gets read by those in charge, and I get fired for it. Instead let's just pause for a moment and contemplate what I might think about poor decision making (i.e. not making the choice that would make me happy) and the foolishness of those that make poor decisions. Alright we're through here.

I did wake up at about midnight Tuesday night, fell back asleep and woke with the alarm so that I could go to school Wednesday. I went over to JD's to get clothes for the week (half my stuff is still there), fell asleep again. Postponed date again.

Of course I didn't quite make it straight home. I spent time with my friend Cindy, grabbed food and then got a hair cut. (It was on the list of things I had to get done.) I should have gone straight home because I was still a wee bit zombie like, but it was fun.

This morning I went up to school to start working on hand scheduling my students into the correct classes, but the master schedule was F.U.B.A.R.ed again as usual, so I have to go up tomorrow to see if we can finish. One of the counselors, Greg, helps me do it. He rocks.

I took my friend Chuck his Sake. With any luck, I made decent choices and the Sake won't end up killing him or anything. (I've heard bad Sake can kill!)

I got a manicure pedicure (one more thing checked off the ole to do before school list), went home, cleaned myself up (aka got gussied up), and JD showed up at 6pm for our long awaited date. He looked very handsome. We went to Le Mignon at Spring Creek and Preston. Very chi-chi.

Afterwards we went to Blockbuster to check out a movie called Happy Accident. He had seen it on cable while I was gone and wanted me to see it. Kookie as all get out.

Not sure of what tomorrow will bring, but I'm hoping it will bring an end of jet lag. Not holding my breath though.

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  1. This is really hard. I guess I got used to you posting every day. Now there is nothing new for me to read. How sad.