Friday, August 4, 2006

Sleep is but a dream

We have just gotten back from seeing Pirates of the Carribbean II. The base theater does not have air conditioning. The place was packed (400?) and every last person was sweating. As it turns out for Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, I was unable to appreciate the lack of air conditioning because it was still cold outside. Such is not the case anymore. That theater is sweltering.

So I began my day lolling about contemplating how sticky I was feeling without actually having moved from the bed yet. We were off to another slow start before MB came up with the grand idea of taking me on a full tour of the base. The beauty of this plan is that the car has air conditioning. I have now seen it all, and it took us quite some time to complete the tour! She has always been a smart one that MaryBeth.

The tour included the very important: snow plow. Look at the size of that sucker.

I finally was able to get a photo of the purple construction equipment. Secure in their manhood, these men say, "yes, yes" to all the pastels.

We went to a promotion party at Mike's office before lunch (four people were on the promotion list and they had quite a feast set out to celebrate.) Mike took us around. He even got the vault guy to let us take a peek in. Sgt Sommers, one of the guys in Mike's dept, had the sign on Mike's desk made in the Phillipines. Yes, Dad, it is carved out of a single block of wood. I'm not sure you can tell from this photo, but it is actually carved on the top and right side.

Afterwards we went to the beach. Lovely afternoon. First, we went to a beach called Miss Veedal. It is named after the plane (the one below is a substandard recreation) of the first plane to travel transpacific. The beach was nice, but MB was concerned that there wasn't a breaker to keep her children from being sucked out into the ocean. So, we headed to the othe beach. You can see in the background of the Brock and Grace photo there are hundreds of cement jacks stacked up on each other to protect the beach. I almost forgot horrible rap music blared from speakers almost the entire time, except for a ten minute period when they asked us to "please rise from the sea for a ten minute period." Made us sound like Godzillas.

We got back, made dinner and then headed out to the movies. As my time here comes to a close we are trying to scratch all of the must see's and do's off the list. We are a little concerned that number 16 is going to be a problem. Earthquake. They have tons of the darn things, but not a bleepin' one in the last six weeks. Most annoying. We're keeping our fingers crossed. Nabuta festival will be crossed off tomorrow, as will watch Brock play baseball. Sorry this is a short one. Gotta run.

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