Sunday, August 6, 2006

Intermingled in the parade

So, in and among the floats was a bevy of weirdness.

For instance, there were many people dressed in what we can only assume is full party gear. Nothing says I like to have fun like a man wearing a mask and a tutu. I like the combination of lime green tights and pink booties.

Or perhaps you like beer. How about a beer that can swirl itself around and around until it makes itself hurl. I didn't see the hurling myself, but I feel confident there was some. After the big spin presentation, he stops the can, gets his face in the right spot, pops his hands out the sides and does a little bow for the crowd. What a hoot.

I don't even know how to describe this character. Happy as all get out, but dressed in a most bizarre fashion.

If someone decided to have more fun than they should have, the police were there to circle around the offending drunks and move them away from the crowd. The ratio was about 20 to 1 (in favor of the police, mind you.)

There were also smaller floats that were stuck in between the big ones.

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