Friday, August 4, 2006


Brock had his final baseball game of the season today. MaryBeth pointed out the parents of the 8-10 yr old set practically move as a group around the base from one event to the next, basketball, baseball etc etc. Brock is an Oriole, and a fine Oriole he is. They won their game 14-8. Basically, the parents sit in the sun (facing the sun in our case) cooking their brains as they cheer their children on to victory. Mike was the first base coach. He actually got to be in on the action. I contemplated the need to have extremely awkward uncoordinated children that are completely tone deaf. (I've heard children practice musical instruments, and I don't want any part of that deal either!)

Brock has been playing catcher. My understanding is that it is a thankless position that requires a lot of chasing the ball around. Today he played 3rd base and was happy as a clam to do it. He stood happily throwing shout outs towards the other players. "Good jobJacob." "Keep going Jonathan" After the game, the coach gave a trophy to each player and said
something really nice about each. I was impressed.

We leave at 1:30 to catch the bus to Amoree City and the Nabuta Festival. Next update will probably have to be tomorrow.

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