Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm bleary eyed

Well, yesterday turned out to be another whipping and a half. Tuesday we never got the projection system to work, so yesterday I began the powerpoint on photography with all of my classes. So I had to teach all day. Always exhausting. My English students a bit wired by 8th period had to be brought under control albeit with only partial success. They are thoroughly entranced by the disco ball. If only it had hypnotic abilities.

I did leave school by 5:30 to meet my friend Tracey for dinner at La Mad. She said she had to leave by 6, but we ended up talking until 7!

Got to school by 6am again. Have I mentioned I'm really not a morning person? Have I mentioned I'm not actually getting ahead, just a hamster on a wheel? Well, as the school year begins the mantra in my head begins "24 24 hours a day, I wanna be sedated" Nothing like punk rock to cheer a girl up.

Scoobie Doo is doing ok. We were studying a computer in his room trying to figure out where an extra male plug went. He commented, " All I see are male connectors on the computer . . . I guess this makes it a Brokeback computer." Damn the boy is funny. (FYI: The connector plugged into a box that connects to the projection system.)

Well, if I could remember any more tales that amused me I would tell them. I'll try to make notes as the day goes by.

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