Thursday, August 24, 2006

Same day ten hours later

Yup. Still bleary eyed. My desk is covered with pieces of paper I am supposed to be taking care of. Slowly but surely . . . I missed lunch again because I never get a chance to leave my stupid room. The powerpoints I final was able to show yesterday couldn't be shown today because the computer kept telling me the keyboard and mouse were not plugged in, which was false I might add.

My little freshmen class is going to send me over the edge. I have one poor guy who doesn't read particularly well, so he has begun staying after school for me to walk him through his assignments. Did I mention they were supposed to have read The Hobbit over the summer? He hasn't started yet. sigh.

I am only going to survive teaching that class because Lisa (team leader) is awesome. She is saving my keister.

Scoobie Doo likes to argue. He comes to my room and asks what the schedule is for the pep rally tomorrow. I say, "There is no pep rally tomorrow." "A bunch of my kids said there was." " I don't care if they all said it. They are still wrong." "A bunch of my kids said there was." "There isn't a game tomorrow." "Yes there is, a scrimmage." "That doesn't count as a game." "A bunch of my kids said there was a pep rally tomorrow." "I have one of the cheerleading captains in my class and she said there wasn't one." "I have football players in my class, and they said there was." (Personally my guess is they are freshmen with no clue.) "OK, but there is no pep rally tomorrow." "A bunch of my kids said there was." I called the Principal, for crying out loud, before I could get him to go away.

Did I mention that we put teacher IDs in their boxes and almost everyone I've seen has kvetched about their picture? Is it MY fault they aren't pretty? My is hideous because it was the day I got the migraine. No make-up, head killing me, I went over and had my picture taken. Yes, I will be getting make-up photos.

I am going over to my friend Burgundy's house at 6:30 so we can go walking. That's right, getting a little exercise. I have a headache at the moment, but I am hoping if I grab something to eat it will get rid of the headache.

I look back on my last couple of entries, and it is sad. Not the fun and games of Japan I can tell you that!

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  1. Okay, so who is Scoobie Doo? Other than a dog hangin' with some guy whose name I can't remember. But I remember Freddy's name. Hmmm what does that say about me?