Monday, October 22, 2007

Very sad story, might not want to read, but had to write

Saturday afternoon I had just turned on Gaston off Dumont walking the hellion and her trusty companion, Buddy when I heard a noise. I looked up and a car had hit a dog. The dog looked a lot like Buddy only white with brown spots. It was laying on the ground with its paws in the air. I thought it was dead, but there was a group of men at the apartments on the other side of the street. One of the men yelled and started running toward the dog. (In the meantime the car that hit the dog continued on without stopping.)

When the man called the dogs name, his tail started wagging. I totally lost it at that point. When the man picked the dog up, blood was coming out of his mouth, so I know he died. It was really horrible. I still start crying when I think about it.

Imagine how much dogs love us, that his tail started wagging just from the sound of his owner's voice.

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