Friday, October 19, 2007

Photographer Hell

So, I met with Shawn Wednesday evening. I told him all the pictures had to be taken (or retaken) by November 1st. He said that if the data retrieval company didn't call by this afternoon to say everything had been saved, he would send letters to all of the parents letting them know what was going on.

I asked if I could have the disk of senior pictures that they did have for senior ads. He said that he would bring it in the morning when he came to take retake pictures at the school Thursday morning.

Guess what? Thursday morning, no photos. (He did bring them by after school was out.)

I had two mothers come by and want to use senior photos in senior ads. I explained to them what was going on and that was why I couldn't say yes, because it might not be as easy as just sending a photo to me.

Shawn called and left a message telling me NOT to telling anyone what was going on. WHAT??? Is he insane? I called him back and said I wasn't willing to lie, they could handle the truth.

He gave me some song and dance about how all the parents calling would put him behind. As if it would be my fault if he got behind on anything else.

Now I feel like I don't have a choice but to call the boys, tell them what is going on and give them an option of what to do. SHIT SHIT SHIT

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