Friday, January 15, 2010

Senior Pranks

I almost don't dare write this post because we KNOW what happened when I twittered something I wasn't supposed to twitter, but I haven't historically learned my lessons quickly, no need to rush into it here either.

So, there are a gazillion cameras going up in the building. None of them are connected yet, and quite honestly, some of them are in weird places (like two cameras facing the same direction and no camera at one of the entrances.) Our StuCo pres was reading announcements Monday when he threw in an impromptu "Get those senior pranks out of the way before the cameras go live." Yeah, bit of a rocket scientist that boy.

So, today while the pep rally was going on, someone set 3 pot belly pigs loose in the building. Poor little critters were scared to death. Pooping everywhere. The administrators were NOT pleased.

On one hand, why do these kids have to come up with pranks that are mean to animals? On the other hand, the admin probably over reacted. By the end of the day the kids had spread a rumor that one of the assistant principals had beaten a piglet to death. Seriously. Are they kidding? As if the piglet did anything. More likely a child was in danger of a fatal beating.

I texted Mr. Potential during the day.
Me: Someone let 3 pot belly pigs out in the school. Gonna be a long day.
Mr. P: Are they greased up?

Yeah, I've got it bad for a hillbilly.

Back to the prank. There are rules of pranks and I don't understand why our dingbat kids can't understand them. Pranks shouldn't cost the school money or damage property. Pranks shouldn't require the janitors to clean up gross stuff (ie pig poop). And they shouldn't involve abusing animals or people.

The prank when they glued all of the door locks? Bad. Cost money. Total pain.

Prank that involved signs on EVERY CLASSROOM door saying go to the library. Funny.

Prank that involved stealing the "Read" posters from the library with a ransom note? Totally funny. Still haven't figured out how they got them down. Posters reappeared a week later, no damage. Totally classic.

Prank where they put fish on the roof of the building to rot stinking up the place and forcing the janitors to get up there and try to clean it up? Totally crappy.

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