Friday, January 8, 2010

I'll take that with a side of bitchy

Last night, I went over to Mr. Potentials to watch the BCS football game with him and his friends. I started out ok, but I could feel myself getting a wee bit, well, catty. Sure, I had a grapefruit juice and some thing or another, but I still kept the catty thoughts inside (hooray for me, using the inside voice.)

I did at one point note to Mr. Potential that I was feeling catty but keeping it in. For instance, the girlfriend of one friend really likes to show her girls, if you know what I mean. Another girl was very proud of her boyfriend (10yrs older) covered in tattoos managing a bar/pizza joint but still getting recommended by the people at The Mansion. Really? The whole conversation just made me tired. . .

I could feel myself getting cattier as the evening progressed.

This morning? I was crampy and realized that it was Dia de Mensa. Seriously, I was like "Oh, thank God, I'm not a total bitch, I'm hormonal." Well, let's be honest, I got de bitch in me but I try not to let her out with people I've just met.

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