Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm sorry, how much football will I be watching???

I have managed, quite adeptly I might add, through the years to not date guys that are in to sports. It helps that I haven't dated most of them more than twice, so although they might have loved sports, they did not enter my sphere of consciousness. It has worked out nicely.

It seems, as they say, the tide has turned. Cause Mr. Potential, he loves him some football. Really. A. Lot. In the two weeks I have known him, I have watched 4 football games. FOUR.

On the upside, I have totally impressed the BFF with my stunning array of football knowledge and trivia in the last two weeks. She has informed me that I may be Biscuits (young son's) pole position favorite aunt with my new found ability to discuss all things football.

Mr. Potential looked at me sweetly last night and said, "You only have four more games this season, well, maybe a couple more, but we're almost done." It's nice that he recognizes this is not my usual MO. And, it gives me time to get some reading in.

All I really have to do is look up occasionally and say, "Oh, my" or "Good grief" or "Wow, look at that" the key is to make the right comment at the right time. And it turns out, if I manage to time it just right with the right look of enthusiasm, he gives me a proud smile and a kiss. (Who says we don't all operate on the treat system?!)

Someone suggested making a game out of it, you know, when your team scores, the other person has to kiss you, that kind of thing . . . please, God, let the Cowboys game Saturday night be high scoring . . ; )

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