Friday, January 29, 2010

Once upon a time. . .

There was a girl. She was ready for a change in her life, so she took a job for which she was totally unqualified. When she got to her new job, she met her #1 coworker: The Penguin. One cranky woman that Penguin. No love loss there. Within a year of the new job, the building was under construction.

The girl, knowing a little about what happens when there is no oversight on big projects, kept her eye on things as her part of the building was modified. Luckily when the contractors started to lower the ceilings from 14 feet to 8, she begged and pleaded and they left them tall.

BUT when she saw that a WINDOW, A FREAKING WINDOW was going to go in between her new office and the penguin, she no, please, please no. But she was told it was too late. The parts had been ordered. So, the window went in. It didn't open. It was just a window between two offices of people who really and truly did not get along.

So, the girl quickly got to work and had a cork board made to cover the window. It was a great cork board. For many years she added to the papers that hung on it. See the cork board below.

Eventually, the Penguin left. But she was replace by Scooby Doo. Yeah, he was fairly harmless, but he was also a total idiot. She could barely stand to look at him, let alone talk to him, so the board remained.

But theeeennnn, she met Blondie. It was love. Blondie was super cool. Fun, interesting, entertaining; basically everything you could want in a team mate.

So, The Diva mentioned to Blondie that there was actually a window between the two offices. Blondie got a gleam in her eyes and agreed that a window would be a GREAT Thing. So, arrangements were made to take the bulletin board down. The glass remained, but they had high hopes that they would be able to sweet talk the building engineer into helping them get a sliding glass window for between their offices.

But then they decided that they really couldn't wait. They had fun calling each other and being on speakerphone, and it kind of made it seem like they were in the same room. However, it just wasn't enough. They wanted more. So they sweet talked some more. . . and the glass came down. . . SAY HI TO BLONDIE the rockinest office mate in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was our first day without glass. We agree that it was a GOOD day, much better than before. Things are looking up I tell you : )

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  1. This is an office love story! I bet you sell your story to Lifetime. It's a movie I'd watch.