Friday, January 29, 2010

Indications of total mind melting

Last night coming in the house Buddy tried to escape, so as I was grabbing his leg to keep him from escaping. While I was doing that my purse fell. So, I finally get us all inside.

This morning I can't find my keys. Anywhere. Any guesses? Yeah, they were still in the front door.

Sabrina is still being difficult about the doggie door. I'm quite busy fretting about what is wrong with her. In the course of fretting this morning, I totally forgot to feed the dogs. As I type, they are probably eating a pillow in protest.

I have other examples but I can't remember them because I'm LOSING MY MIND.

I'm certain I'll miss all of you when the mind totally goes, but since I won't remember you I think it will be ok.

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