Saturday, August 8, 2009

Warning: Total whinefest ahead

Saturday, August 8. It has been a really long time since I've blogged. I've wanted to. I have sat down to do so, but I swear to you every single part of my body hurts, and I am dog tired.

One of the reasons that I haven't blogged is because my laptop that I love looks like it got hit by a baseball. It didn't. I have no idea of what happened. I know that I left it sitting on a chest when I went out. I returned, and it was sitting in the same place, but looked like this. Not the same. How does this crap happen to me? Of course I got back to town, immediately took it up to the tech guys, and I'm still waiting for the quote, to get the purchase order to get the new screen to get it fixed. Auuuggghhhhh

I have done a ton, but I have soooo much more to do. The bathroom I use has been painted and cleaned and decorated. I had a picture of the hell hole that was my dining room, but for some reason all of the pictures are corrupt. So, although I can show you how good the dining room looks, you really can't appreciate how freaking bad it looked before. Ah, but I can show you the boxes that are edging their way into the living room. I cleaned the garage and got it totally organized. Did I manage to get a picture of what it looked like before? Nooooooo.
The kitchen floor was horrifying. It had 3 layers of laminate that the dogs very sweetly began eating almost immediately. I got it pulled up, and then I started cleaning it up small bit by small bit. Goof off is some good stuff. A heady little high too I might add. Nose is permanently filled with the high of Goof off, and hands are in a permanent cramped position. Sexy.
I freaked out earlier this week when I realized that my plan for the glass table and chairs was total crap because the chairs were too big and didn't fit. I pulled myself together and put my wood chairs with the iron table. I'm not totally crazy for it, but it is growing on me. In the meantime, Scott, the handyman took so freaking long to finish the bathroom that he pushed me straight into back to school week. So, I started last week finding out how much it will cost to get the rest of the house painted, the back yard sod, the windows cleaned, the interior of the house cleaned. Scott, who I know feels very righteous about saving me money on his costs, has cost me such an incredible amount of money in paying people to do what I thought I would be able to do that it is shocking.
In addition, I still haven't cleaned out the backhouse, finished packing up the stuff in the living room (now) and the guest bedroom. I haven't finished all the gazillion last minute stuff that I have listed to do. I could just cry.

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