Saturday, August 8, 2009


So, my friends Randy and Diana are forever on the prowl for potential beau's for yours truly. This past Saturday they called and asked me to dinner at their house for Wednesday night. They had met the perfect guy for me AND set the wedding date to save time later. The date? June 10, 2010. I did mention that I'll be out of the country then, but they seemed unfaised.

Randy then sent me an email with a youtube video of "The Ultimate Pool Party". So, I got to see what my future husband looked like before I met him. (You can also see Randy and Diana.)

In addition to having a day job, he is also a drummer in a band. He showed for dinner about an hour late because he had some number issues and couldn't find the house because he had the wrong address. He was charming and lovely.

I didn't think he would actually ask me out, but he did send an email, but no call yet, so I guess verdict is still out.

His band is playing tonight, so I am taking a break from my home labors to go watch his band.

Oh, for those watching the twitters, the guy that I met for dinner at The Porch last week?, sure enough, never heard from him again. I am fairly certain my eating the spinach dip error which translated as an upset tummy was seen as a girl who doesn't eat which upset him. It's a shame, cause I just know he would have been impressed with

"Hi, I'm the Diva, I have gastro-intestinal issues and if I eat fat then odds
are good I'll be racing to the restroom and hunching over from massive stomach
cramps. Any issues you'd like to share before we continue the evening?"

Oh, what fun.

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