Monday, August 31, 2009

Tempus Fugit

As usual when it has been a while since the last post and I have a lot to write I find myself resorting to the categories. So, in no particular order. . .

Car – Well, the good news there is actually in several layers. One, I have the greatest insurance agent ever. When I tried to reduce my coverage and raise my deductable, he told me no. (He knows me well, and probably figured I’d regret that at some point.) So, I still have my $250 deductable, rental car coverage and they did not total the car out. Broken windshield, wounded bumper and hood, and the real damage money wise . . . the stupid airbags.

It wasn’t that the damage was so extensive but that the car isn’t worth that much and they are only willing to go so high in repairs. Oh, and my diamond tennis bracelet that broke during the accident . . . not covered. Service King has told me the car should be ready some time this week. I am ready to have my car back! Fun side note: I found out today that Blonde (new newspaper adviser . . . drives a yellow Escape. Put her yellow by my Blue one and we are school spirit all the way!!)

School – I once again started the year off with a bang by getting a migraine Monday evening. It lasted through Tuesday AND Wednesday which never happens. I was popping pills like nobodies business. I’m lucky my liver is still functioning at all. Wednesday afternoon I got on the sub system request to see who I might be able to call if I still had a migraine on Thursday. I didn’t see anyone, so I got off. Turns out I had put the request in anyway. I showed up to school on Thursday, but I already had a sub . . . so I went home and slept, and slept, and slept.

School politics – This is always fun to cover. On the plus side, I adore Blondie (newspaper adviser) and JH (stucco sponsor). In that respect, I am very happy these days with school. Dept chair has left me alone although I think there is still great weirdness there. Not sure of what is going on or why she has been nastyish to me, but I guess if I can be left alone I should just be grateful for that because she appears to want to hound my Axx. The assistant principal that hates me continues to hate me, but the one that loves me continues to love me. All things remain the same there . . .

Home – I don't think I've shown the photo of the amount of crap I threw out when I cleaned the garage. In addition, there was paint on the wood floors EVERYWHERE. My poor mom and I worked our way through the house scraping a small portion of the floor at a time. I still find things that need to be done every time I walk through the house, but . . . Well, that bad boy is on the market!! It looks beautiful.(I believe my little tour proves it!) It’s a shame you can’t smell it because it smells damn good too . . . like cupcakes. Very, very expensive cupcakes. I don’t think it showed AT ALL this weekend, which totally stresses me out, but I guess I’ll try not to freak until it doesn’t show next weekend. Then look out world.

Current living arrangements – The day I was going to arrive at Mom and Dad's with the dogs in tow I realized that I had lost the keys to the storage unit that had the dog kennels in them. There was no freaking way that I was going to NOT have kennels, so I made a quick trip to the pet store to get portable kennels. Mom also made it clear that she did not want the dogs on the bed . . . the dogs were slow to appreciate the sincerity of her desire. Evidence as seen below of their intentions. Trust me, those have since changed. If I could describe the vigor with which my mother has gone after my precious dogs to show them who is master in that household, you would die from laughter. Anyone who knows my mother has of course wisely surmised that she is winning the battle. Dad is hanging in there by a thread. For some strange reason my dogs have always adored my dad. Every dog I have ever had has adored him. He ignores, speaks harshly to them, etc, but they still follow him around. No idea of why.

As a side note, last week I arranged for the dogs to be boarded for the second week so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them. I got a call on Tuesday that Buddy had kennel cough (contagious) and I needed to pick him up from school. Sigh.

In the meantime, it hasn’t actually been bad. I’ve had to work so much that I haven’t been home a lot, but I’m trying to walk the dogs when I can, clean up after myself and generally not be a pain to live with. Dad still loves the TV to be at full volume all night, but I put my IPod on and it’s not so bad. I am still praying the house sells quickly so my little menagerie can return home, but my parents are being totally gracious and I am forever grateful that they are letting us stay with them. It was also really nice when I wanted to die most of last week to get the TLC.

Boy: Oh, my. I say to you. Oh, my. The drummer is awesome. He opens the car door for me every time and waits for me to walk in front of him. He hasn’t annoyed me yet. At all. Sure, technically Saturday night was our second date, but we met at a friend’s house for dinner, I’ve been to see his band play twice, saw him at a pool party and went to his house last night to get computer help (I love, love, love that he is a drumming, computer geek!). So, we’ve seen each other a fair amount AND we talk on the phone for hours when we get talking. He moves at a turtle’s pace which makes me a little crazy, but I suppose I should be grateful that he is taking his time (read this as he is a gentlemen and moving slowly in THAT way.)

There are 100 reasons why I like him, I mean LIKE him as a person beyond the fact that I think he is really cute, and I’m totally enamored with him. No need to get all dribbly here, but I think this one has some serious staying power.


  1. Oh, sweet Diva! So glad for the update - I've been worried!

    The house is gorgeous. I would buy it in a heartbeat. Do the shoes come with the house? :)

    Glad you are getting settled in with your folks and that the dogs are figuring out who is the real pack leader.

    And as for the drummer ... SQUEEEE! How exciting! I'm so excited for you! Enjoy - you deserve to have fun with a nice boy.

  2. I love you! The house looks fabulous. I loved the tour on youtube. I'm glad you're back on top. Hurray for Sis!