Saturday, August 8, 2009

The new bathroom

If you remember, long, long ago, it was originally a pink bathroom. Terrible. Really. And the door was in the dining room. NOT OK. (I tried to go back and find pictures, of course, I have none.)
Then it was an empty shell.
Then progress began, oh so very slowly. I have a photo of Scott in the bathroom (proof I guess that he must have been doing something, even if, at times, I was certain that he was doing NOTHING.)
I will say that he does excellent tile work. I love the bead board, and the vanity is a little big, but I think it is important that it be a useful piece. So I went ahead and paid for a vanity instead of just a pedestal sink. Obviously the painting hasn't been done yet, but that is on the list of things that I have run out of time to do. The towel rod isn't up yet, the mirror isn't up, the switches aren't done and the plate covers aren't on yet, other than that, it is totally done.

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  1. It's a great picture of Scott. Although he's nothing like what I imagined, somehow this photo does him justice.