Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mentoring Duties Begin

This morning I had to get up at the crack of dawn so that I could put on my "professional" attire and head up to the high school to spend the day with the newspaper new hire. We shall call her Blondie. I'll get a pic at some point. She is cute as a bug and a cool hair cut . . . I'm waiting for her to break out into "The Tide is High."

She's only taught for four years, and they have all been in video technology. But she will be able to relate to the kids and I think we'll get along.

More importantly I want to talk about what a long and dreadfully boring day it was. Torturous I tell you. Horrible. I am very glad it is over.

Tomorrow I must go up to school and start scheduling the kids and get some school stuff done. With any luck, I can get home by noonish and continue working on the house before heading back out to the student council dinner with the administration.

I didn't get much done this afternoon when I got home, although I did get my clothes organized for heading out to Plano, and worked a little on the closets.

On the other front, I was all excited about The Drummer, but it turns out for naught. Not a word from him. Oh well, I guess I'll be moving on to the next one.

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