Saturday, August 4, 2012

My precious babies

Buddy and I just brought another member into the family. Between my friend PR who just got a new puppy and my friend D who just adopted a third dog, I have had the fever. I have gone online quite a bit checking out doggies. I knew that it would probably need to be a girl, and I really wanted a dog I could pick up. And quite frankly, it would need to be a dog that would fit on the comfy chair with Buddy and me. The new addition would also have to be sturdy enough to not be smooshed when Buddy decides to back up and sit on him/her for misbehavior. 

I saw a Boston Terrier online that was so cute I couldn't stand it. Her name: Gracie. Her little bio said she was 4 years old. Born blind to a breeder, who bred her 4 times and then dropped her off at the shelter. I know the blind thing is a little worrisome, but I figured what the heck, it would probably make her couch potato like the two of us. 

I met her on a Monday and knew immediately she would be a perfect fit. Buddy did spectacularly well with her. She arrived Wednesday. We have since pretty much been couch potatoes. I mean we are snuggling fools. She sleeps on the bed. So cute. I made a little border of pillows on the right side of the bed just in case she falls, but so far so good. 

I found a box of cinnamon strudel. Yum. I had to run and get some milk to make the strudel. By the time I got home the strudel box was history. I cursed him soundly. But honestly, he has been great. And in the meantime, Gracie has learned how to use the doggie door. She is learning her way around the house (in between naps). I've only left a couple of times, and she is really good about going in the kennel when I'm gone.

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