Monday, July 23, 2012

My week in learning

I'm exhausted. I've been in Orlando at the Jostens Adviser University since Thursday. The classes are LONG. The average length is 3 hours. I'm in the final class of the workshop and it is FOUR HOURS LONG. Do you have an idea of how hard it is to sit still for that long? Really, really hard. In fact, this experience is causing me to look back at my college years and contemplate how in the holy hell I survived my classes back then let alone graduated!! The more I think about it, the more amazed I am.

I'll admit I've had to bail a couple of times to go get some sun. I mean these classrooms are freezing, and the sun calls to me. I'm the world's biggest critic at things like this, I admit it. So if it wasn't working for me then I faded out.

I did manage to sit outside the first afternoon long enough to burn the crap out of my face...everywhere except where my big fat sunglasses sit on my nose. Did I mention I agreed to be filmed answering questions for a video Jostens wanted to make? Hahaha. Yeah, those are some good looking images. Can't wait to see that video.

In the meantime, I met a girl that might have been separated from me at birth. Other than the fact she is a total yankee (Boston) ...we amused the hell out of each other all week. It was a lot of fun. She has a wicked sense of humor, she isn't all sensitive and blowing sunshine around. She is fabulous!! Of course, we spent some quality time at the pool bar. Bonding and such.

One night we met up with a girl from the Dallas area that I have known for a while. It was all well and good until we started drinking. I can't go all that fast cause well, I like my drink, but we all know I am a lightweight. Boston, on the other hand, can hold her liquor. Local girl, can't hold her liquor. In fact, the more she drank, the louder she got, and the worse her fake-ass highly annoying southern accent got. It was horrifying. She also started dictating what was and wasn't appropriate to call people. i.e. "girl you have to call other girls Heffers" what?????

Back to classes. I probably should have gotten more intel before I signed up. I think if I had chosen more wisely this week would have gone better. I think I was misplaced several times. For instance, I was in a class that was more geared to beginners than I am. It was a great class, just not for me, ya know? Next year I'll know better. Although I'm still hoping it is someplace that I can get some sun when they fail to impress me.

I have spent a little bit of time on the internet scrolling for dogs. I have the fever, and I have it bad. I can hardly stand it. I get back in town Saturday....updates to follow on the pooch front. With any luck, I'll be able to find someone that Buddy loves.

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