Saturday, July 14, 2012

A trip to the printing plant

For the last 10 years or so, the yearbook has been printed out of the Jostens printing plant in Topeka, Kansas. Two years ago they bought a HUGE space in Clarksville, Tennessee. They are closing the Topeka plant, so the printing of the book will be moving.

It was decided I would check out the new plant. So, Mrs. Jostens (a friend and the wife of my yrbk rep) and I headed out. (I have to confess I use the term friend loosely. I've always thought friendship is a two way street, back and forth, give and take. I'm afraid I've finally accepted we aren't actually friends.) Courtesy of my parents being quite grouchy about Buddy, he got to stay at Dee's Doggie Den. (Did I mention he had to interview there to make sure he played with others well? Which he did cause he's a sweetie.)

At any rate, I see Mrs. J at the airport and mention that I'm in angst over a ridiculous fight of sorts with the BFF. She then proceeded to talk about daughter 1, daughter 2, husband and Jostens, the entire time. Literally  from that point forward this was the rotation. I tried to bring up said angst a couple more times, but she clearly wasn't interested in my sob story. In fact, in 3 days, I'm pretty sure we didn't talk about any part of my silly little life at all.  Ironically on the plane home as the plane was landing, she said, "Oh, we never talked about your bff." I was like, "yeah, that's true, but there's no time now." At which point she went into a story about Mr. J and something that happened with his friend. I'm losing friends at an astounding rate these days. I'll save that for another post though.

I don't know why I expect her to be any different from how she is, because she absolutely holds that conversation rotation every time I see her. I think she is a great person, but I don't think she is a very good friend at all.

I was very happy to see my plant rep Ms. V. there. I like getting to talk to her. So that part was great. I got the tour of the plant on Thursday. It is very impressive. After the tour, we went back to the hotel and I had a massage and facial courtesy of Mrs. J. It was very nice and very much appreciated, although an ear for listening might have been nicer.

Afterwards we met up with one of her daughters who happened to be in Nashville for workshop of her own. While in the mall, I got a call from one of my favorite people ever, and one of my assistant principals who told me he had accepted a middle school principal's job in Crandall. I wept right there in the middle of the Coach store. So embarrassing. Yes, I am completely sad for myself, and yes, I am happy for him, but I'm more sad for myself at the moment.

Of course, the plant tour gave me a few concerns about the book. (We are changing how we are submitting the book to online instead of through a desktop publishing program.) I'm not sure changing to the online system with no proofs is the right way to go, but I'm trying to work through that. Ug.

Thank heavens the other two full size books I'll be producing this year (the HPISD centennial book and the Real Estate Book) will be printed the traditional way, and through the plant in California.

The flight back wasn't until 3:30, so I was slightly neurotic that we wouldn't get back in time to get Buddy. I was lucky and made it to get Buddy right before they closed. At which point, I got him home, and he has pretty much slept since then. Poor thing. All that playing is quite exhausting!! I feel horribly guilty that he has to go back tomorrow, and I won't see him again for 2 weeks.

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