Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magic Mike....oh my

Well, I went for a different type of religious experience this Sunday morning...I met up with my friend Blondie for a little movie about a male stripper. It was a posse of hotties. The movie actually got decent reviews, but I have to admit, I couldn't tell you the storyline if you paid me. 

I've always felt the difference between how guys and girls behave in strip clubs is reflective of the difference between men and women in general, although I'm not positive of how. And no I won't be explaining how I've been to both types of clubs. 

First, I've always found it interesting that women behave BADLY in strip clubs. Walking into a strip club is like walking into a wall of sound. Not only is the music loud, but women are screaming all over the place. If nothing else, if you think about it, women tend to get louder and louder as they drink anyway. The girls are all over the dancers. God bless those boys, girls have no shame about touching whatever they want.

Personally, I'd prefer to watch the boys dance with their clothes on. It's just weird to see a guy w/ his privates circling around. Let's be honest, guys may like to SEND pictures of their privates to girls, doesn't mean girls like to get those pictures.

So, boys dancing, music loud, girls louder, dollars being thrown at the guys like rice at a wedding. Mad chaos.

To walk into a "Men's Club" is to walk into a club with music blaring...and no other noise. The club is full of men, but there is little to no movement. All the guys are leaned back looking as if they couldn't be less interested. There is a firm no touching policy in these clubs.

The girls are usually beautiful with great...rhythm. But there is zero expression on each and every guys face. They are actually very polite and well-behaved.

So, if you have ideas of how that is reflective of society...throw them at me. Otherwise, let the stripping continue.

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