Saturday, July 14, 2012

So much to do...yet sitting on a couch

Technically, I started this post when I was dog sitting. I did have a lot to do, but I was in Allen laying out by my friend's pool, playing with her dogs and mine and drinking her liquor. It was only four days, but they were four lovely days.

Now, I find myself sitting on the couch again. I got back in town last night. I'm here for less than 48 hours, then I'm dropping Buddy off at the Doggie Den and heading to Denton to teach a workshop. I get back Wednesday, when I will repack and head to my friends in Keller so she can take me to the airport Thursday morning. I will be going to Orlando, Florida to take a workshop on how to be a better adviser. I'll let you know how that goes.

I would like to point out I did get up this morning and started working on the yard. I planted a crape myrtle that I got from a friend. I got a ton of FREE mulch from a place down the street and started the process of laying it down in the bed by the fence line.

I also couldn't stop myself from buying some shrubs to plant in the back area which, if I do say so myself, is looking better and better.

I found a toilet that I have not purchased yet that I will be getting to replace the non functioning toilet in my guest bathroom.

And, I am very tired at this moment, so I am sitting on the couch, contemplating everything else I need to be doing, and not actually doing any of it.

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