Saturday, August 4, 2012

What NOT to wear

I adore this show. I have probably posted an easy dozen times on it. I totally believe in the importance of dressing well. I KNOW that what people wear says a lot about who they are. I have met too many people who I think are amazing in part because they dress so well.

The girls seem to fall into 1 of two categories. Either the "I want to disappear into the woodwork because I don't like how I look" or the "I want to be young again so I'm going to dress like a slut all the time." And I totally believe that the idea that we can dress to 'blend in' is total bullshit. It just makes us look fatter, more tired and less put together than we could look otherwise.

Obviously I am more on the "I want to blend in with the walls" side more than the "let me be a slut side." I know I changed my entire appearance losing weight. Without a doubt it is easier to buy clothes now that it was when I was bigger. But what I know is that inside. Still a fat girl. I can still look in a mirror and think I look terrible. I also know, that there were outfits I wore even at my fattest, that I looked good in. And there are clothes I can put on now and look terrible in. So no matter what size I am, I still have a shape, and some clothes look good and some clothes look bad on me.

I love this show because no matter which side a person is on, literally in one week, Stacy and Clinton CHANGE THAT PERSON'S LIFE.  It's incredible. How cool for them that they get to do that? And how many of us could change our lives if we just paid attention and did this for ourselves?

I mean really. Go to the Bobby Brown counter (or Ulta, or Sophoria or WHATEVER) and say, I want a make-over. This is the look I'm after. And learn how to do it.

So no one is giving us a $5000 credit card. Save up money and do it with less. Buy what you can and get rid of one thing for every new piece. Then do that once a month for however long.

If we can watch this show and SEE the difference looking good makes in someone elses life, how is it possible we are unwilling to do this for ourselves?

I feel like I really don't get clothes and I don't know how to put outfits together, but I watch this show and take notes, and I know that what I wear matters and that I need to think before I get dressed.

I think of my friend who totally say she has no style etc but she finds outfits (usually on mannequins) and buys them. It's kind of cheating, but at least she is doing something.

A girl just said she would love to have someone say to her"Oh, you have an awesome outfit." Yeah, or wow you look really nice today. How nice is that? What a great ego boost. Everybody should be able to feel good about themselves. No matter what her shape or size.

Really, if I won the lottery, I would love to take some of my favorite people and make them be on a non televised version of What Not to Wear!!

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