Friday, August 24, 2012

My summer TV shame

Yes, I admit it. This summer I have managed to find myself addicted to more terrible shows than you can imagine. I can mock them gleefully, but it is true, I am mocking shows that I am dedicated to watching.  First, of course, there was Hoarders

But it hasn't been on in a while, luckily A&E helped me out with Hoarders: Buried Alive. Sure, sometimes it is shocking how much crap have and how much filth people are capable of living in. Some episodes I just watch in disgust. But other shows, other shows scare me. Because they aren't living in filth. They just have an inordinate amount of STUFF. There but for the grace of God go I. Hoarders helps me clean. And get rid of stuff. 

Hotel Impossible. I have no idea of how I found this show or why I find it so addicting. Never the less,  I can't stop watching. There are some dumb ass shleps owning hotels in America. I mean no sense what so ever. And to be clear, I have no plan to own a hotel or run a hotel, but I will say I know what to look for if I'm trying to determine if a hotel is clean. So, there's that. 

In June I started watching Ice Road Truckers. Again, no idea of why. It is literally watching 5 guys  driving on icy roads. I will say it is very cool when they show the truckers driving on the iced up rivers and lakes. Crazy. There is nothing useful about this show in my life. Maybe it's that crazy tug of death...there's always a chance the one I don't like will crack through the ice... 

Then, I discovered World's Worst Tenants. I love this show. First, the 3 stars crack me up. The guy in the middle used to be in the military, so he's pretty tough. Yet he still acts horrified and shocked by the stupid shit that these tenants pull. Second, the stuff they end up dealing with and the crazy people they meet are unbelievable. I just watch that show open mouthed. People are NUTS. 

And now? I have Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs. It's a show about nothing, yet I can't resist. It pulls me in. I do think he's cute. Anyone know if he's single?

There you have it. My dirty little bad TV secrets. It's terrible. I have no time to be watching TV as we all know, let alone BAD TV.

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