Monday, August 27, 2012

yard, walls and colors

 I'm sure I've blogged about all of this before, but honestly, if I'm gonna spend all this time admiring my yard and wrapped around the axel thinking about paint colors, why shouldn't I let you be a part of the fun? Seriously, look how good this looks!! Pretty flowers, mulch, it's a good looking back yard.
I love the flowers!!

Love a lawn getting some water. Still could look a little better, but way better than how it looked. 

Still love this back area. 

I can't remember what these flowers are, but I totally love them. 
My goal is still to have the back be a lovely greeting to any visitors, so I'm not there yet, but I'm getting close.  
The metal electricity box offends me. I'm trying to figure out a creative way to hide it. 
I love the plants in the pots by the house. I laid the mulch down between the pots. It looks very good if I do say so myself. 

Ok, so now that I have the backyard looking pretty good I am ready to move on to painting the interior house. It is very stressful. I don't like having to choose.
So this is an insanely bright coral color. My friend Aimee thinks I should paint the living room this color. I'm kinda down with it. What the hell. The dark brown will be the trim and doors. 
Master bedroom colors. I can't decide between the blues. I'm leaning towards the light blue. We'll see. 
So, these are the colors I'm looking at for the house, far left is living room, greenish color is the kitchen, cream is hall, grey is the TV room, cream is the hall, but it doesn't look that bright in the hall, blue for master, browns for the guest bathroom .... I stare at this boards often. Thinking. Contemplating. Stressing. 

Hallway colors. They look dark don't they? I can't decide. grrr. 

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