Friday, August 24, 2012

I think I'm in trouble

So today I made a list.

Things I'm doing right now:
  • Journalism I curriculum
  • Journalism I in HPISD curriculum format ASAP
  • Real Estate Classes 5 classes by Nov 1
  • Reformat The Book to be published by Oct 1
  • The Directories 

Gotta tell you. Looking at it in print makes me want to throw up. And gets my eye twitch starting. And makes me feel like I'm stroking out. First, the Journalism I curriculum. I'm not even teaching the stupid class this year, but I feel an intense obligation to get it all in order and make it neat and organized for the new dude. He strikes me as a bit of a douche canoe. Still working on a nickname. Positive he'll be "earning" himself a good one.

The Journalism I HPISD curriculum format? THAT is a total beating. Every teacher can tell you that no one looks at lesson plans written in this BS format. Yet, I'll be spending an inordinate amount of time turning the work that I've already done (for at least a functional purpose) into a totally nonfunctional purpose just to make some admin in the district happy. Yuck.

The real estate class. Why, oh why did I do this to myself? I desperately want to get the classes done and check that box off. But the taking of the classes is a beating. Hateful, hateful stuff.

Reformatting the real estate book. You'd actually think that this one isn't all that difficult because I did create 240 pages of the book 5 years ago. The problem is that they are adding 10 pages to the book in the first dozen pages of the book...that means all the page numbers are changing, and all the links are going to have to have their page numbers changed. And all the colors are changing. And there are still 2 more spreads to be created plus all of the new advertising to add in and the other miscellaneous pages to add it. It's a lot. Trust me.

And the directories. Oh, the directories. 7 to be exact. Only one is totally done by me, but it's 7 different PTA directory chairs yapping at my heels for the next 5 weeks needing me for one reason or another.

And, before we start what is sure to be a whirlwind of a school year...the Hi-lites picnic. For 2 hours, Sunday afternoon. In the heat. Ug. I shall dread it all weekend.

Oh, and the fabulous drugs I now have a prescription for so that I can keep my act together? I keep forgetting to take them. Oh the irony. I finally got them in my purse tonight so that I can at least have them when I remember that I haven't taken them.

In other news, the dogs are still adorable.

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