Thursday, January 19, 2012

step right up, I have plenty of time

Do you ever look up and realize that you have signed on for way more than you actually have time to do? And, then realize that it only takes one or two "unexpecteds" to totally rock your world... yup.

I have been working on the Real Estate Book, I know, I know. That darn thing just won't go away. They want to re-print the coffee table book in another year. At any rate, we are recreating "the Tree" and the "History" (spreads within the book) and I am scheduling interviews with the latest two recipients of the award.

I also got contracted to work on US Government through the FVS. They of course chose now to start sending me stuff.

The counseling department finally accepted the fact that really it was easier to just give me the Academic Planning Guide than to pretend that I wasn't doing all the work as I trained a new person almost every year. Good, cause I'm actually getting paid, bad cause they said oh, we need this now. Grrrr.

And in the middle of all of this, I got the news that I needed to start the new house search. Holy Crap batman, that's a lot of stuff at once.

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