Monday, January 16, 2012

Run like your ass is on fire.

I started running a few years ago. My BFF was a runner. She didn't run to lose weight, she ran to stay in shape. I admired that. I wanted that. So I started running. And I was pretty good at it, and I enjoyed it.

I can't even remember what happened, but I stopped running at some point and started gaining weight and gaining weight and gaining weight. I knew I was going to end up like the incredibly fat teacher at my school riding around on her scooter because her knees were incapable of holding her fat ass up. So, I did something about it.

Lost weight. In March of 2011, I started running again. It was good. Then this fall school was falling apart because the girls were determined to make me crazy (at least that is what I assume), and I had no control over anything in any part of my life.

The running, that I had control over. I determined how long I ran and how fast. I finish a run, and I feel good when I'm done. As a fun side effect, the running enabled me to eat food without living in fear that it would fly out of my body at high speeds when I wasn't prepared. I could almost be a normal person with the food eating.

And now? School is still a mess, my heart is totally broken, and running makes me feel better. I've been adding to my inspirational wall and the above picture is what I stare at while I run.

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