Sunday, January 29, 2012

Altruism isn't actually a popular incentive

I'm watching 60 Minutes. The segment is on the rare and endangered animals hunted in Texas. Because ranchers are allowing them to be hunted, they are saving the animals from extinction.

I'm thinking lots of things in life are like this. Certainly in real estate it is every man for himself. Currently, I'm yanking the chain of the seller's agent. Mainly because I can. And I'm getting to do it without putting an effort forth. She sent an email late Friday, and called my agent shortly there after asking if I had a response. Since it required the assistance of my mortgage, I have no answer yet.

Even in education where there certainly is a degree of altruism, it is NOT completely altruistic because we all have to pay our bills.

The basic principals of capitalism are strongly at play in most situations.

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