Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow, it's been a while

I almost feel like I need to reintroduce myself it's been so damn long since I last posted. Not much has been happening. Ok, well, I've been busy as hell, but none of it has been particularly blog worthy or interesting in general for that fact.

School is out. Thank you JESUS. I survived. All of the grades were entered, all of the children passed, most of the yearbooks were passed out, and there were almost no complaints. Call it good and get out.

I leave for Europe tomorrow morning. Hooray. I am totally excited. The kids are awesome, there are only 17, so it is a small group. We actually have a blog for it, hp2europe.blogspot.com. I am taking my oh, so very light laptop (thank you, Sis) and we will be blogging from Europe. Twittering too. We have to use KT's twitter since mine is less appropriate should anyone decide to look at previous posts. (I use dirty words, ya know.)

Dating continues to suck. I have spoken to the most boring man in the world . . . twice. I got a drink with a fellow Kirby's barfly but he was a total dumbass.

I had 3 guys from the online dating world contact me . . . let's see one is 5'2" really? one is Jewish and one is an atheist . . . apparently the part where I said I wanted someone to go to church with me . . . they thought I was kidding.

My handy dandy friend Scott started working on the new mantle in the front room of the house. We took the old mantle and we're (take that to mean he) is making it into a headboard for my bed. How cool is that? I plan to totally trick out the master bedroom when I get back in town and then work on dismantling the front bathroom. It should be the summer of the house.

Fun story, so one night I am sitting at Kirby's, drinking my cosmo, cause I love them so. I'm sitting next to a fellow barfly, Janice. She is texting some guy she met through eharmony. . . part of me is a little freaked cause it kinda feels like I'm looking at my future. i can't decide if she is my age and just looks old or if she is about 10 years older than I am with her reading glasses perched on her nose so that she can read the phone as she texts.

At any rate, I make a comment about the fact that I've stopped dating. It is now just me and the boys. They pander to my every desire, always tell me how lovely I look, and never whine when I pay attention to others. What boys she asks?

Travis, James and Tony, of course. (The bartendars for Kirby's- all sweet hearts, all in their twenties). She says, but Tony's taken. . . sigh. Not clear on the concept. Of course I'm not REALLY dating the boys. In fact, James and I came up with a few house rules the other night. 1. I will not go out with anyone I meet at Kirby's. It's like dating someone you meet at work, it's not going to work out and then you have to deal with the after dating crap of having that person around. Yuck. I don't mind being a barfly, but not the barfly that's dated half the male patrons. Other rule: I hang there on Sun, Mon or Tues. Weekends they are too busy. They can't devote themselves to me fully when they are having to care for other bar patrons.

I still have a little more to do to be ready to go. I went to a happy hour earlier for my friend Susan that is retiring this year and then I went to a porch party across the street. I'm now moving a little slowly, but I still have chit to do.

Good night.

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