Monday, June 29, 2009

Dating Cesspool

I have jumped back into the dating cesspool. I'm already tired, and they make my teeth hurt. I actually had to go back and check to get my numbers right. It actually surprises me that I'm only on 9. It feels like it should be a much higher number.

So, currently in the line up we have 9; henceforth to be referred to as Country.

He lives in Little Elm, and has a big ole country accent. BFE and slightly south of Denton. Ugh. When I mentioned how far out he lives, he replied well, what if I was The One, and he was unwilling to drive to meet me. Good Freaking Grief.

To a certain extent I have to admit we are kindred spirits since he hung up on me 3 times during our conversation and then called me accidentally shortly afterward.

At any rate, we meet Friday night at 7pm. Yes, of course, I will Twitter you updates ; )

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