Friday, June 26, 2009

I have no idea of what is wrong with me

Ok, actually I have several ideas, but in the specific area to which I refer, I have no idea. I have been back from Europe for a full week. I have what can only be referred to as a chitload of pictures to upload of just fun Europe stuff AND some serious fashion errors being made across the pond.

I have things going on in the home that are worthy of note. I have the continuing saga of my desire to get free meals through dating, ha ha. Kindof. I have the R.E.T. new age chit I did recently I could examine. All sorts of stuff. Instead, I've lolled about, done jack diddly and not written a word. What's wrong with me? Well, first and most importantly, when I passed the happy pill store, I didn't stop and buy one of EVERYTHING.

Luckily for you people, without even knowing it Noodleroux shamed me into writing. I mean, seriously, if I'm gonna make her blogroll I gotta have something on ye olde blog, right? right.

OK, so let's do a quick catch up on life.

Wake-up call our last day in Spain 3:30 am. So very painful. At the airport at 4:30am. This is basically how the world appears when you can't get your eyes to focus because it is sooooo freaking early.

Returned from Europe last Thursday after a long ass plane ride. Got home to NO A/C (remember this is Texas people . . . hotter than Hell and that is no freaking joke). Thought I was going to die. A/C people came Friday. . . so I headed out, and immediately got hit by a 16 yr old changing lanes in a Toyota land Cruiser (Let me tell you Land Cruiser is not a lightly given name. Big freaking vehicle.) Damage was minimal but a total pain to get info yada yada.

In the meantime, while I was gone, Scott the handy dandy handy man took out my old mantle, put in a new one and moved the old one to the bedroom to be a headboard for my bed. Very fun. He also started tearing out the second bathroom. It is now totally empty which is pretty much how it is going to remain for awhile cause I am totally broke. Seriously. Like I'm considering being an exotic dancer in an effort to make money. . . oh, fine, not seriously considering, but still.

Here are some other jobs that I just don't think I will ever be so desperate as to take:

Hello I dress as a a strange purple woman with tulling, oh and please see her little friend the chicken down the way. . . Ah, the copper cowboy. This next one is tricky. Look at the man in the brown suit. Tie is flipped over the shoulder, but he's not moving at all. Still as a statue. Ok, I saved the best for last, and by best, I mean seriously crappy job. So, while traffic is still going in both directions these boys fill up the wheelbarrel on the right side of the road, wait for a break in traffic, run their asses into the street where they dump the load of sand and then race back to the side of the road. Seriously. Crappy. Job.

So, all in all, there is stuff I could be writing about but I just haven't been doing it. Sigh. Maybe this will get me to post the atrocious clothing choices people have been making over there.

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  1. I'm so glad I shamed you into writing - you crack me up!