Friday, March 21, 2008

What have I done with my time?

It's Friday afternoon, and I'm not sure that I have much to show for my time this week.

Let's see, I showed up at the crack of dawn, well, ok 6:45 at the Dallas Court House to get my number for court. I took a picture so that everyone could appreciate how dark it is and how long the line was. I got an afternoon slot. So off I went for lunch with the boys (went fine, I think they are happy with the book so far).

Back to the court house for my 1pm appt with the judge. Actually it was an appointment with a long line of people. The photo is of Officer Smiles (What a great name). The girl talking to him is Jennifer. I met her while in line. She was really nice and a great reality check for me. She was driving along when she got stopped. She already had a ticket that hadn't been paid, so she got sent off to jail. Talk about sucking!! While sitting there I had time to check out some of the outfits people chose to wear to work. I was worried about looking appropriately contrite. This woman might have wanted to just look. Good grief, it doesn't even look comfortable!

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