Friday, March 14, 2008

A Story to tell

OK, so I have a story to tell, and I'm going to tell it because I think more will unfold as time goes by.

Yesterday, we had something going down in the parking garage. A student called me and said there was an accident. Did I want her to take pictures? Of course.

I toddle off after her to see what is going down.

At the garage all of the counselors are milling about keeping kids out. The head of counseling tells me that something is going down with a kid and the police are there etc. so they sent the photographers away.

Stood around for a little bit talking. One of the counselors said that maybe we should make an announcement about students being late to class because we weren't letting them park in the parking garage. I, of course, had my phone. So, I asked if they thought I should call one assistant, no call a second one. He doesn't answer, so I call my friend Susan, principal's sec.

One of the other counselors, we shall call her Hotpants (another story entirely), comes waddling up to me (I know I'm being rude) and says that I shouldn't be calling anyone, that it was none of my business. Then she went running off in the other direction. I thought it was a little freaky, but didn't think much else of it.

I finish talking to the other counselors and mosey my way up to my classroom before 6th period starts.

Moments later I get a call from the principal's secretary that I needed to just teach my class. She was very obviously passing a message along, so I say ok. I call her later to find out moments after I called her the principal called her and asked why I was telling everyone what to do and that we were not going to make any announcement and I should just teach my class????????? What???? She told him that was not exactly what happened, and that she would let me know.

Pretty easy to tell who waddled her butt over to the principal. So, I go down to counseling actually looking for the head of counseling who I really like and figured I could vent to and be done. She wasn't around, so I ended up venting to her assistant. Ok, fine.

No, later I get an email from Hotpants saying that if I'm upset I should talk to her and that she was trying to protect me. Give me a freaking break. It turns out I can take care of myself.

So, I responded, "I'm confused, you were trying to protect me by going to Patrick?"

She of course doesn't respond directly to that, but says that I should stay with my class in the event of an emergency, as if I had a class at the time. Freaking wack job.

Then I find out that one of the assistant principals this morning was saying that I was trying to tell everyone what to do yesterday (I never saw him and word is he got his info from Hotpants)

So now I am really, super duper unhappy. I have sent an email to the head of counseling that I would like to meet with her and with Hotpants (only with another person there).

More later . .

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